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Swan, Hatsuyuki, Fujimarca: How Do They Differ From Less Expensive Generic Machines?

20 Sep

Most likely, one of the first things you did when deciding to utilize a block ice shaver was peruse Ebay for a deal on your very first major purchase. Let’s face it, they ain’t cheap! And while scrolling page after page, you find very simlar looking machines for a fraction of the cost. Hmmm…you wonder…..could they do the job? As we mentioned in another blog post, the machine you choose will be one of the most expensive purchases you will make. And who doesn’t want to save a little moolah when establishing a new business?

The first thing we notice about the generic brand, is the lack of a protective shield where the ice block is placed. Who wants a 5 pound block of ice to spin out of control at your face?…any takers? Moving on. With the exception of the Fujimarca, each of the brand name machines have nozzle at the base where a drain hose can be attached. This is especially important because the residual ice will melt and you’ll have a wet mess if it doesn’t have somewhere to drain to. Not to mention, the melted ice can drip down onto the foot pedal or other electrical plug and cause a hazard. We believe this might be one of the reasons the Fujimarca is not NSF approved, but eh, who knows? A large pan and hose can be purchased to catch and drain the water  so we guess it’s not too much of an issue but still something to consider.

One of the few things that need to be maintained on these commercial ice shavers is the blade. Since blades are unique to each machine, it seems that it would be difficult to find replacement blades or any other parts for that matter. Which brings us to our most important concern. Customer service. These generic machine are mass produced in China while Hatsuyuki, Swan, and Fujimarca have been long-standing makers of ice shavers and their machines have been proven to last through years of heavy use. If nothing else, the reputation of the brand name shavers would give us enough reason to purchase one.

What kind of machine do you use and why?