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Shave Ice Tycoon for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

4 Oct

If you’ve ever had ambitions of owning a shave ice business, now you can with a fun app for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Shave Ice Tycoon, brought to you by BakerCrew Games, is the Hawaiian version of the ever-popular Lemonade Stand app, where you can build your business to be the next tycoon of frozen island treats! We had the opportunity to speak directly to the app’s creator and here’s his touching story.

Our families love for Shave Ice started a very long time ago.  My wife
and I had the fabulous experience of being able to go to Hawaii on our
honeymoon.  We fell in love with Hawaii, and have been back many
times.  Through our travels to Hawaii, we found Matsumoto Shave Ice —
the best Shave Ice we have ever had.  Our four children have all
inherited our love for shave ice.  So, we bought a small cheap little
shave ice machine, with some pre-mixed flavors.  This was back when
our children were in the 6-11 year-old range.  They set up shop on the
sidewalk and sold to our neighbors.  Of course the machine generated a
sub-standard ice quality compared to the shave ice we had at
Matsumoto’s.  Over the years, we bought better and better machines —
ending in the machine we still have today: a rather large and heavy
machine (we ordered and shipped from Hawaii) that takes block ice and
a hand crank to generate amazing quality shave ice.  One summer my
son, Spencer, decided we should build a shave ice shack that he could
sell from at the corner.  We spent several weeks constructing the
shack.  He spent several summers at the shack selling shave ice to
neighbors and cars driving by.  We had at least 25 flavors.  We have a
5 gallon jug that held our own syrup.

Well, time continued.  Children got older.  Spencer went off to
college and took a computer programming class.  I got an iPad for my
work, and took a programming class about programming the iPhone and
iPad.  Then, Spencer got the idea of “Shave Ice Tycoon” for the iPad
and iPhone.  We spent the summer of 2011 writing code, getting artwork
done, and putting it all together.  One fun thing for our family is
that many of the upgrades available in the game are real items from
our families life:  The first cube-shaver was one we had; the big
green hand-crank block-shaver is the one we still have; the little red
cash register is one the kids used on the corner; the “Wooden White
Shack” is an exact replica of the one Spencer built many years ago;
the flavor bottles we still have.  I’m sure there are other items from
our family life — Spencer put together all the artwork.

You may be wondering why I’m writing this (I’m Spencer’s dad).
Spencer is currently serving a service mission in Brazil.  So, I’m
“tending the store” while he is gone.  The proceeds from the Shave Ice
Tycoon game are helping pay for his mission.

One last funny thing:  Spencer does not like fruit or fruit flavored
anything.  He has about two flavors he likes.  Root beer is his
favorite flavor, and about the only flavor he enjoys.  Funny, the one
child that really likes Shave Ice is the child that doesn’t enjoy

See our apps in the Apple App Store under “Bakercrew Games” or “ShaveIce Tycoon”.
Dan Baker