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Shave Ice Syrups: Concentrate vs. Ready-to-Use

18 Jul

A common question we get is whether a business should use RTU (ready-to-use) syrups or concentrate. Of course there will pros and cons to both options, so here are some things to consider.

RTU Syrups:


  • RTU syrups  don’t require any mixing or purchase of additional ingredients. Convenience is a big advantage. Just open the bottle, add a pour spout, and you’re ready for business.


  • Most RTU syrups use controversial HFCS or high fructose corn syrup. Check the ingredient list on your chosen brand.
  • If you will be ordering your product online, you will pay a significant amount more for shipping due to the “water weight”.
  • RTU syrups are 50-60% more expensive than if you mix the syrups yourself.
  • You will create more waste, since you will go through your product much faster.



  • Concentrates require a sweetener, sugar being the common option. Sugar is naturally more flavorful than what you will find in a bottled RTU syrup.
  • Because concentrates do not contain any sweetener, it gives business owners the option of offering sugar-free flavors. You may substitute sugar with Splenda, agave nectar, or any other type of sugar alternative.
  • Concentrate is the most economical for shipping rates and price per unit.
  • Shave ice concentrate can keep for up to a year, depending on the brand. Only the amount needed can be made, preventing spoilage and waste of unused syrup.
  • You can advertise your product as being “homemade”.


  • Mixing concentrate for your homemade syrups will take time.