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Shave Ice Cups: It’s All in the Presentation

25 Jun

We can all agree that presentation is everything and choosing the right container can make a huge impact on how well a shave ice sells. There are the traditional paper cones, which can create the nostalgia of childhood memories, to the newest trend of colorful flower cups which are made to avoid the inevitable “avalanche” and attractive to kids.  There are 100% biodegradable cups made of corn plastic as well as the not-so-green but sure-keeps-that-shave-ice-from-melting-so-fast styrofoam cup. A shave ice business owner may choose to brand their cups with a logo or otherwise skip it to save costs. There are an array of options but it’s best for a business to choose wisely because once the choice is made, the presentation should stay consistent so that consumers can easily identify a particular business’s product.  A non-traditional shave ice cup or container can set you apart from the rest, but if traditional Hawaiian shave ice is what you want to portray, then it might not be for you.

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