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Featured Business: Kianakai Shave Ice

1 Sep

As our passion for shave ice and its community grows, we would like to feature authentic Hawaiian shave ice businesses here in our blog. Our first cameo appearance is made by Kianakai Shave Ice based in Long Beach, California. They serve their ‘ono shave ice at farmer’s markets and will come out to cater your special event! Be sure to visit their website and Facebook to see what they have planned next.

I am a nurse by trade but I love serving our delicious shave ice to people here in So Cal. I love providing and educating people in what real shave ice should taste like. Most people here have not tasted shave ice since their last visit to Hawaii. And many have not tried it with ice cream, snow cap, mochi or azuki beans….. I am here to show them all what they are missing!…. I take pride in my business as an owner and consumer as well…. I Love Shave Ice!
Eric, Kianakai Shave Ice

Kianakai Shave Ice, named after Eric's own keiki!