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What Makes an Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice?

22 Jun

Hawaiian shave ice is a simple treat, right? Ice, syrup, maybe some ice cream and a topping or two. But what truly makes a Hawaiian shave ice authentic? Any shave ice business owner who truly cares about their product knows that it’s the subtleties which make the magic happen.

The make it or break it of any shave ice will be the machine. If you’re scooping ice cubes into it, you go straight to jail, do not pass go nor collect $200. The only way to get the finest shave possible is to use block ice. You can choose to make the ice yourself with molds, purchase the ice from a big box store, or mass produce ice blocks with a commercial block ice machine. Whichever you decide, a high quality machine is key and albeit expensive, will be the best investment you can make. There are a few brands to choose from, which we will cover in another post, but plan on paying anywhere from $1,700-$2,000 for a new machine. Trust us, the right machine is vital to your income’s lifeline.

The ideal Hawaiian shave ice should always have a melt-in-your mouth texture, super fine and fluffy. That means zero crunch action. Be sure to maintain the perfect amount of syrup distributed throughout because the one thing that will bring any shave ice consumer down from their sugar high is discovering naked ice. Although not every shave ice connossieur will want additional yummies with their shave ice, they still want to know it’s available, so be sure to carry at least the basics; vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, and li hing mui powder. Keep it light, sweet, and flavorful and you’re well on your way to making authentic Hawaiian shave ice.