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The Importance of Tempering Ice

8 Aug

As you’ve all probably heard by now, it’s is MUY IMPORTANTE that your ice is tempered before shaving. Why, you ask? Don’t ask, just do it. Depending on the type of shave ice business that you have, the flow of customers will vary and so will the timing of taking out a block of ice to temper.

Ice is a funny thing and it reacts differently to temperature, environments (have you ever shaved ice outside with a breeze? Literally, hell), and other variables. In our experience, if your ice is too cold/hard, the shavings will not adhere to each other or hold its shape. Don’t ask us why, we’re not scientists, we just know it happens :O There is even the occasion when ice is SO cold that the shavings  freeze back together, losing its soft, fluffy texture.  Not to mention very hard ice is harsh on your blade. When you first take a block of ice out of the freezer, it’s opaque. When your bring your ice out to temper, you want it to “sweat” and have a glossy, clear appearance. This is will give the best shave.

Before tempering: ice has a cloudy, opaque appearance.

After tempering: ice has a glossy, clear appearance